Christina Dris

Christina believes meaningful relationships are key to long-term success. After working for several years in the entertainment industry, across marketing, sales, and legal teams, she found a passion for business law through her collective experiences. Having worked with a variety of in-house counsel teams including finance, manufacturing, and private equity, she has focused her career thus far on transactional law with a passion for business development and relationship management. As a Tampa Bay native, Christina […]

Nicolette Figueroa

Nicolette thrives on all things wellness. She has found a perfect fit in her role as an associate attorney in GenCo’s innovative preventative model of attacking the long-term risks that often derail the future wellbeing of small to medium sized businesses. Nicolette also draws on her prior work experience in data privacy best practices, a cutting-edge issue identified as an area for growth frequently with GenCo’s clients during our Risk Stress Test®. With roots in […]

Patrick Bornstein

Patrick understands the importance of clients being able to trust their attorney. Patrick enjoys a broad range of practice in business matters including general business law and aviation law. He represents Fortune 500 companies, privately held companies, and individuals in the sale, purchase, financing, and leasing of new and used aircraft and provides advice with respect to aircraft operations and compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. He also advises on assets and loans in […]

Hayley Abolafia-Cartwright

Hayley enjoys the day to day challenge of being an innovative taskmaster. While functioning in a lead support role to Bryan and our team, Hayley is no stranger to the practice of law. She learned about the legal industry from her mother who owned her own law firm in Hayley’s native, Vermont. Oftentimes, dinner table conversations revolved around the stress and relentless pressure of the billable hour, where Hayley realized how impersonal this tradition was […]

Vito Rotella

When I first started at GenCo Legal®, I was a summer intern. I spent much of my time waiting for the Amazon delivery man, and observing coworkers from my preferred supine position laying in their laps; fascinating, but ultimately unfulfilling.  Without my parents knowledge I decided to attend canine Law School online, looking for a career that would lead me to “unleash” my full potential.   Upon graduating, and passing the “bar-k”, I returned to GenCo […]