Businesses Win With The Budgeted Hour®

Businesses and business leaders experience user friendly, easily accessible and cost transparent services for so many important functions today. Why not legal guidance? With that in mind, we created the Budgeted Hour® to give the best of subscription service experiences to consumers seeking an innovative way to access and receive the feeling of having their own personal counsel.


We think it is time you felt like you had your own, personal lawyer. Someone always there to answer the call, answer questions, and offer support to you and your business. We know the lawyer/client relationship hasn’t always gone this way, but we are dedicated to providing a new opportunity to Lawyer Differently®.

Regulation & Compliance

Every business exists in its own world of laws and regulations thicker than a calculus textbook.  GenCo knows your time is limited and what you really need is a cheat sheet to keep your business up-to date compliant.

Corporate Governance

GenCo views a company’s “books” not just as a box to check but an opportunity to make sure the business judgment of owners, directors and officers is being regularly memorialized – not just sitting stagnant on a shelf.

Human Resources

We know that your team members are your greatest resource.  Our professional issue spotters will save you time and money while minimizing the distractions that keep you from focusing on your business and customers. 


Doing business sometimes means taking risks but that you still need peace of mind that your contracts will cover you when that vendor or customer veers from the path intended. Our tenured team is there for review.


The best way to end a fight is to avoid it in the first place.  When a dust up is unavoidable having a legal team on your wing early can mean getting a quick resolution to a hard distraction.

Is it Time for Your Risk Stress Test® ?

 Our highly trained legal team will provide analysis of what is most legally threatening to your business. Over approximately thirty days, GenCo will gather information from you and your team in order to layout current and future legal threats along with actionable go-forward solutions.

Some relationships are more episodic than continuous over time. GenCo Legal® understands this and offers project-based Concierge Advisory Counsel™ services for clients needing all of the personalized care provided in our subscription relationships but for a defined mission.

The Latest in Legal Services from QPWB's Innovation Division

Commitment Counsel™

Connect with the lawyer you need with our Commitment Counsel™. A secondment-based in-house legal service designed for instances when you and your organization need a dedicated, commitment-level attorney focused on your in-house legal operations. Get swift, seamless, accessible counsel on a truly predictable monthly flat-fee for services that fit outside our existing Budgeted Hour® and Risk Stress Test® services.

Our Clients Get Personal About GenCo

Get Your Law News Differently™

Browse the GenCo Legal News Hub to see all of our blog posts, verdicts, breaking news, and podcast episode releases. Make sure to share information with colleagues and friends so the world can see what it means to, Lawyer Differently®.

The Law Gone Mad™ Podcast

Soon you’ll be able to stay up to date on the latest in legal trends, business news, and information surrounding everything you need to know to navigate the world of business, legally. GenCo Legal® founder, Bryan Rotella hosts and interviews a wide range of industry experts, business leaders, and professionals to give you an inside look at the head-spinning world of business management and legality.

Coming soon to:

Health Care Gone Mad®

The healthcare industry is rife with organizational pitfalls and legal implications. Thankfully Bryan Rotella has spent his life studying and understanding the healthcare industry, including through the lens of the nurses in his family and has paired that with a thorough understanding of law to help you to understand all the current and upcoming changes. Sign up for this important and informational newsletter today!