The Budgeted Hour® Wins For You and Your Business

Businesses and business leaders experience user friendly, easily accessible and cost transparent services for so many important functions today. Why not legal guidance? With that in mind, we created the Budgeted Hour® to give the best of subscription service experiences to consumers seeking an innovative way to access and receive the feeling of having their own personal counsel.


How does your Budgeted Hour® Subscription Work?

The Budgeted Hour® is a monthly subscription model that addresses a business’ and business leader’s key legal risks. Instead of getting billed per project or via an expensive retainer, the Budgeted Hour® reverses the traditional model by setting up a predictable monthly financial outlay for a select number of hours.

Never again will you be surprised by legal fees as you create and oversee your monthly budget for legal services. Growing businesses and their leaders will get everything they need to reduce expense while still staying proactive, preventive and responsive.

The Newest Division of QPWB Law

GenCo Legal® is thrilled to be the newest division of the QPWB Law team, opening up resources never before available to our clients and team members. As the largest minority and woman owned law firm in the United States, QPWB is a traditional firm driven to do things differently as they understand in this ever changing world different wins for you and your business.

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