Commitment Counsel™

Connect with the lawyer you need with our Commitment Counsel™ – a secondment-based in-house legal service designed for instances when you and your organization need a dedicated, commitment-level attorney focused on your in-house legal operations. Get swift, seamless, accessible counsel on a truly predictable monthly flat-fee.

Connect with the Lawyer You Need

Your Time

We understand what it means to you and your organization to move quickly to fill vacancies with qualified talent that work on your schedule.

Your Budget

Set the expectation with up-front, transparent flat-fee pricing without all the overhead of benefits and general employee management costs.

Your Industry

Our team provides experience in a variety of different industries at a range of different levels that fit well within your exact requirements.

Your Team

Commitment Counsel™ team members are an extension of your team and work amongst your current staff. We work with and for you!

Our Commitment Counsel™ Leader is Ready to Connect Today

Vilma Martinez provides a background rich with experience in in-house legal services for some of the nation’s largest Healthcare industry organizations and more. Having experience in remotely managing this type of service, she knows exactly what it takes to install the right attorney when and where you need them most to provide immediate counsel for your most immediate need. Knowledge, flexibility, and collaboration are paramount when in comes to supplementing your team with the right Commitment Counsel™, Vilma has provided just that for our clients time and time again.