The Risk Stress Test®

Launching a Risk Stress Test® or one of our more focused offerings starts you thinking about prevention first with a targeted audit of your level of legal risk in the key corporate functions that are integral to the healthy functioning of your business.

It is a unique attorney-client privilege-protected analysis of what is most legally threatening to your business. Over approximately thirty days, GenCo will gather information from you and your team and lay out whether you are currently in the red, yellow, or best yet green, along with actionable go-forward solutions.

Like all offerings at GenCo, The Risk Stress Test® is for a predictable, non-billable hour-based fee specific to your business’s current size.

Risk Stress Test®

Our flagship service for small to medium-sized businesses to help them scale safely with actionable analysis.

Deal Done

Ensure you aren’t leaving money on the table or walking into unforeseen pitfalls during or before transactions.

Compliantly Safe

Is your business fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations pertaining to your industry and tax compliance?