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Vito Rotella

About Vito

12When I first started at GenCo Legal®, I was a summer intern. I spent much of my time waiting for the Amazon delivery man, and observing coworkers from my preferred supine position laying in their laps; fascinating, but ultimately unfulfilling. 

Without my parents knowledge I decided to attend canine Law School online, looking for a career that would lead me to “unleash” my full potential.  

Upon graduating, and passing the “bar-k”, I returned to GenCo as a consultant, sitting in as the General-Hound-sel. The part of my role I enjoy most is leading the Lawyer Differently Recruiting Committee, where I greet all candidates. My favorite thing about working at GenCo is the “paw-some” culture they have created. Life is no longer “ruff” as I am excited to assist our clients by helping their lawyers like being lawyers, with my unparalleled emotional support talents. 

Additionally, I get to work closely with my father on his future vision for the firm and appreciate my mother’s impeccable taste in office décor. 


Tampa, FL
1111 N Westshore Blvd Suite 212
Tampa, FL 33607
Telephone: (813) 228-0306


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