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Safety matters when it comes to new technology. Ask the A.I. Defense Lawyer™.

Bryan Rotella, Managing Partner of GenCo Legal is leading the charge when it comes to safely and securely navigating the complexities that come with operating a business with and based on A.I. techology. In this rapidly changing landscape, Bryan’s insight and level of caring provide a next-level approach to utilizing A.I. within any business. learn more below.

A.I. in the Leagl Industry with Brian Kilmeade

How do we respond to A.I. becoming part of our everyday lives? Now that the proverbial toothpaste is out of the tube and A.I. is everywhere, are we stopping to ask ourselves if we are ready?

Fox News on the Effect of A.I. on the Legal Industry

From law school enrollment to the future of Law Clerk and Paralegal positions, Rotella covers all of the different ways that A.I. technology is affecting the legal industry as a whole.

The Dawn of A.I. Malpractice Series
How A.I. Influences Us All

Bryan sits down with Joe Kelly on the Brian Kilmeade show to provide a series of call-and-response scenarios covering all of the ins and outs of A.I. and how we as a society are responding to its use in everyday life. Listen in as we cover the first legal suits concerning A.I. technology, the importance of the human element in A.I. Bryan calls the Override Switch, and why the new technology is taking on a similar sentiment to the A-bomb.