Rotella on The Obama Care Bubble Refilled

Carrie Sheffield: Hey there. Good morning and welcome back to Just the News AM. I am Carrie Sheffield and glad that you’re with us. Joined again by Congressmen Jerry Carl, also joined by Bryan Rotella. He’s the founding and managing partner of GenCo Legal and a healthcare expert. Good morning, Brian. Bryan Rotella: Good morning. Carrie Sheffield: Let’s talk about Obamacare and the enrollment window that Biden has opened back up again. So reporting about […]

Rotella on Fox Business Is Coronavirus Quarantine Legal

Cheryl: New cases of coronavirus popping up in the United States, many who have come in contact with the infected are in quarantine, but this is raising legal questions, what kind of power does the government on a federal or a state level have? Attorney and founder of GenCo Legal Bryan Rotella is here. Bryan, good morning. Bryan Rotella: Good morning Cheryl. Cheryl: There’s been a lot of talk about the 2010 Public Health Service […]

Kilmeade and Rotella talk Coronavirus Corporate Legal Issues and The Stock Market’s Take on Medicare For All

Brian Kilmeade: Joining us now to make sense of it, Bryan Rotella, esteemed attorney, Founder and CEO of Senior Partners, GenCo Legal, and he knows all about healthcare. When we start debating the number one issue that you’re going to be voting on this year, we oftentimes go to Brian. Bryan, right now, what’s the sense over in Florida and with your clients about what’s going on right now in the market? Bryan Rotella: Good […]

Rotella on Headline News Talking Coronavirus and ‘Act of God’ Terminating Contracts

Lynn: Thousands of travelers, you’re canceling your plans over fears of the coronavirus pandemic. Many people are even canceling their weddings. Some companies like Airbnb are trying to make it easier, they’re waiving penalty fees, but there’re other companies that are using that Act of God policy to dispute some contracts. So what kind of rights do you have in all of this? I want to bring in Bryan Rotella founder and managing partner of […]

Rotella on Fox Business Talking Impeachment to College Scandal

Cheryl Casone: I do you want to bring in from the legal perspective here, Bryan Rotella, he’s an attorney and the founder of GENCO Legal. First, your initial reactions, criminal translation. People could go to jail. Bryan Rotella: Absolutely, Cheryl and let me tell you, I don’t think that our attorney general and the US attorney on this were in Italy having some pasta and a cannoli or something and I’m Italian I can say […]