Rotella Talks ObamaCare Knockout Ruling on Hannity

Speaker 1: Bryan Rotella, I want to talk to you about what the sense, the Congressman brought it up, how you think this vote is going to go in the Supreme Court and what you think of the Texas judge’s decision overturning Obamacare? Bryan Rotella: Yeah, Judge [inaudible] what I would say is there’s another Rocky movie about this. This is a flat out knockout. I think Sylvester Stallone, at his age, could come out […]

Rotella on Fox Night Court – Contract and Religious Freedom Case

Shannon: Time now for Night Court. We pass no judgment on these stories, but present them to you at home, the jury, for your consideration. On the docket tonight, a case involving a Catholic high school guidance counselor who signed a contract to follow Catholic doctrine, but she was then put on leave when the school found out she’d married a woman. Now Counselor Shelly Fitzgerald has filed a discrimination claim with the EOC and […]

Rotella on Fox News Night Is A World War II Vet’s Bible Offensive?

Shannon Bream: All right. Brian Claypool, what is the argument against it? Brian Claypool: Hey, Shannon. Look, two years ago, my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers were deprived of playing in the Super Bowl because of a call by a referee against the New England Patriots at the end of the game. I was so upset, but there was a rule in place that I didn’t like, and I thought the rule was unfair. Same thing applies […]

Rotella Talks With Brian Kilmeade on Mueller Testimony

Brian: Bryan Rotella joins us, attorney, founder and CEO, senior partner of GenCo Legal. Bryan, what is your assessment so far? Thanks for joining us. Bryan Rotella: Good morning, Brian. Thank you. Well, look, remember Seinfeld with Jerry and George and they were pitching a show that was the show about nothing? From the President’s perspective, this has been testimony about nothing. Looking at it from a legal perspective, Brian, there’s nothing that’s laid a […]

Rotella on Fox News Night – Unconstitutional Homeless Bags?

Mike: Seven homeless people suing to stop the city from destroying property seized in so-called encampment suites. Tonight’s legal eagles now join us to argue this case. Washington Times legal affairs reporter Alex Sawyer, and founder, CEO and senior partner from GenCo legal, Bryan Rotella. Great to have you both. Bryan: Thanks Mike. Alex: Great to be here. Mike: Exhibit A, LA code 56.11, “The city of Los Angeles is responsible for the maintenance of […]